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Gear up

High-tech isn't all that dissimilar from high fashion; the right accessories can mean everything. InFocus has the mounts, cables, cases, and lamps that make your display work and look its best.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Accessories for
    Mondopad and BigTouch
    Mobile carts, mounts, cameras, software, services and more for Mondopad and/or BigTouch.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Cables and Adapters
    Here you'll find a full selection of digital and analog cables, HDMI cables, video adapters, and more. Hook yourself up.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Hard and soft cases for shipping or carrying your projector. With many innovative security features, InFocus cases are purpose-built for protection.
  • Mobile Projectors
    You don't need to know much about projection to know that projector lamps are the key to the whole operation. So InFocus projector lamps are made to last.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Short throw, long throw and ultra long throw lenses to make your projector fit your venue without compromising the quality of your images.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Projector filters, 3D glasses, and other accessories that defy our categorization.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Mounts and Stands
    With a selection of ceiling mounts, wall mounts, and table stands, InFocus can make any installation easier.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Wishing you and your projector could make your long-distance relationship work? Find a remote control that works for you here.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Whether you want to go big or compact. Mounted or mobile. You'll want to go with a screen that gets the most out of your projector.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Finding the right hardware is the hard part. InFocus makes the rest easy with simple software so-lutions for connecting and managing your projector.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Warranties and Services
    Services and warranties from InFocus to give you the best experience with your InFocus projector and provide long-lasting peace of mind.
  • Mobile Projectors
    Wireless and Networking
    Solutions to turn your InFocus (or any other projector) into a wireless projector, and even a network projector.