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Mondopad Virtual Training, 4 Hours

Part Number: INF-VT4

Gain valuable knowledge about your Mondopad and how to get the most from it in our specialized virtual training.

You can break a 4-hour session into two 2-hour sessions – repeat the same session to two sets of people or customize each 2-hour session based on the audience, such as for users and administrators.

See below for a complete list of training topics that you can choose from to design a course that meets your needs.

2-hour Virtual Training also available.

If you have already purchased and need to register and plan your training, go to www.infocus.com/mondopad-training-registration

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Features, benefits and course guide for Mondopad Virtual Training
  • Topics that give you the results that you want

    We offer a complete list of valuable training topics for both users and administrators that you can choose from. Virtual trainings are conducted via GoToMeeting.

    Comprehensive Mondopad Overview
    Get familiar with all the tools Mondopad brings to the office and conference room in this overview of Mondopad, the hardware, shell, and features.

    Your Content, Your Mondopad
    Learn how to display content via basic connectivity like a VGA or HDMI cable or USB stick, to upload content from your laptop or iPhone, and to use the Mondopad application, Present2, to display your laptop screen.

    Successful Video Conferencing Presentations with Mondopad
    Discover Mondopad tools that let you easily conduct a video call, present information, and collaborate at a whole new level. Show a presentation on your screen, deliver your message, and get business done.

    Whiteboard Sharing
    Learn how to collaborate in real time by using Mondopad’s interactive whiteboard or by linking multiple Mondopad whiteboards. Create action plans, mark up a document, and share ideas that move your business forward.

    Manage Your Mondopad on Your IT Infrastructure
    Understand how to integrate Mondpad into your IT infrastructure to create a complete solution for your collaboration space.

    Deploying Video Conferencing
    Find out how to use Mondopad’s video network to make video calls that accelerate decision making and collaboration.

    Making Video Calls
    Enable video in your organization by learning how to use Mondopad with the many different video conferencing devices available and the protocols that go with them.

    Video Conferencing Etiquette
    Uncover the dos and don’ts of video conferencing, then use what you’ve learned to conduct energizing online meetings.

    Presenting 101 Free yourself from Powerpoint and use Mondopad to take interactive presentations to a new level. Pull content from many sources on the fly and keep your audience fully engaged.

    Mondopad Interactive Whiteboard
    Find out how to use Mondopad’s interactive whiteboard to collaborate with colleagues and organize thoughts and ideas. Familiarize yourself with pen types, colors, shapes, backgrounds, annotations, and many other tools.

    Working with 3rd Party Applications
    Discover how to install third-party applications and integrate them into Mondopad to make it an even more flexible tool for your conference room or classroom.

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