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ProjectorNet 3.1

ProjectorNet 3
InFocus ProjectorNet 3.1 projector management software lets you remotely manage and support your InFocus assets from a single computer via your existing network.
  • Free download
  • Monitor lamp hours and projector status
  • Save administrative and maintenance costs
  • Key facts

    • Go here to download ProjectorNet
    • Generate status reports
    • Schedule events (on/off times)
    • Theft prevention
    • No projector limits
    • Detailed control, by group or individually
  • Centralized management and control

    Control, diagnose, troubleshoot, and prevent theft using your existing network
    • Manage and control an infinite number of InFocus projectors spread over rooms, buildings, districts and states – as long as they are connected to the network.
    • Connect InFocus projectors without a built-in network connection to your network with the ProjectorNet Adapter.
    • Proactively head off maintenance issues before they occur with tools such as email notification of low lamp life and automatic power-down scheduling.
    • Receive immediate theft prevention notices when a projector goes off-line anytime 24/7.
    • Send DMS messages for instant display to all or specific projectors on the network. Perfect for important announcements such as schedule changes, weather warnings, emergency notification, breaking news, and traffic alerts.
Computer CompatibilityPC
Disk Space20 MB hard disk space (full install)
Memory32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
Network RequirementsA Network Interface Card (NIC) and access to TCP/IP network. SMTP compliant email server to support email notification of projector events.
Operating System CompatibilityMicrosoft Windows NT (SP5), 2000 (SP3), XP or Vista Processor: Intel Pentium II/400 MHz or higher
Where AvailableWorldwide