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Adjustable Ceiling Mount Extension Arm: 18-24

Part Number: PRJ-EXTARM-04
Extends the projector mount 18-24" below the ceiling fixture. The column is adjustable (prior to installation) at 1-inch (25.4 mm) increments.
Extension18-24 in. / 46-61 cm
Maximum Weight Supported (lb)50
Warranty10 years
Where AvailableWorldwide
Product Dimensions HxWxD18"-24"x1.5x1.9in.
(457.2x38.1x48.26mm. )
Product Weight5lb. (2.27kg.)
Shipping Dimensions HxWxD24in. x 3in. x 3in.
(609.6mm. x 76.2mm. x 76.2mm. )
Shipping Weight6lb. (2.72kg.)