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121 Premium Video Calling - 2 Years

Part Number: IN121PRM-2Y
SIP dial tone with 4-way videoconferencing and custom SIP address
A must-have for Mondopad owners, 121 Premium provides 4-way videoconferencing and Custom Domain support in addition to the standard video calling SIP service you get with 121 Basic.
  • Two-year service with unlimited use
  • High-quality video dialtone on demand
  • Call most any video conferencing system
  • 4-way instant conference from your Mondopad or ConX Phone
  • Easy to use: just dial a phone number or email address
  • Make free SIP calls at (no subscription required)
  • Make free calls with mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Works with only one H.323 connection at a time
  • No on-premise infrastructure required -- no H.323 Gatekeepers, SIP Proxies, or Gateways required to buy and manage
  • 4-way videoconference on Mondopad

    4-Way Instant Conference

    Add participants to a video call from your Mondopad or ConX phone
    • Instantly add a 3rd or 4th person to your conversation
    • Share information with additional team members and make group decisions quickly
    • No extra equipment to buy
    • Maximum of 4 participants
  • InFocus INF7021 Mondopad and 121 Video Calling save marketing agency money on travel

    Travel Less. Save More.

    Success Story

    A marketing agency cut more than 70% of business travel with Mondopad, ConX Phones and InFocus 121 Video Calling.

  • Make SIP calls from a web browser

    Video Call from a PC or Mac


    Place SIP calls for FREE any time with your web browser

    • Make a free call at now
    • Share video and data
    • No subscription or sign-up required
    • Just type your name and SIP or H.323 address you want to call
    • Easy one-time plug-in install
    • Chrome-based browsers not supported (yet)
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