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Virtual Training Services, 1 Hour

Part Number: INF-VT1

At InFocus Training Services we believe in the value of education and strive to keep our users informed, confident, and excited about using InFocus products.

A complete list of valuable training topics for users and administrators is available to choose from, so you can design a course with only the topics you need. 2-hour Virtual Training also available.

  • Attend a virtual training from anywhere
  • Work one-on-one with a trained InFocus professional
  • Learn all that your InFocus product and utilize all its benefits
  • Improve your presentations
  • Enhance your video conferencing experience
  • Available to all audiences from end users to IT professionals

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  • Topics that give you the results you want

    We offer a complete list of valuable training topics for both users and administrators that you can choose from. Virtual trainings are conducted via GoToMeeting.

    Mondopad Overview (1hr) 0.5 RU available for CTS
    This course is designed to equip Mondopad users with the knowledge and resources to confidently utilize the Mondopad by offering an introduction to the Mondopad features and capabilities and video conferencing solutions offered by InFocus Corp.

    Mondopad Administration (1hr) 0.5 RU available for CTS
    This course is designed to equip Mondopad Administrators with the tools to assist end users with daily use of the InFocus Mondopad. After attending this training session, administrators will be able to:

    • - Successfully install, setup, and update software for the Mondopad
    • - Manage security, email and SIP settings for the Mondopad
    • - Manage customization settings for the Mondopad
    • - Assist Mondopad end users with use of the Mondopad and connecting devices with the Mondopad

    InFocus Video Conferencing Overview (1hr) 0.5 RU available for CTS

    This course is designed to equip attendees with a full understanding of the various videoconferencing solutions offered by InFocus. After attending this session, attendees will have an understanding of:

    • - 121 Video Calling
    • - ConX Video Meeting and ConX web browser plug-in
    • - BigConnect Video Conferencing Software
    • - BigNote Whiteboard and Annotation Software
    • - InFocus Video Conferencing devices
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