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Webinar Recording: This is the Whiteboard You're Looking For | InFocus
Webinar Recording: This is the Whiteboard You're Looking For

Whiteboard Webinar: What Is Covered

InFocus Whiteboarding WebinarImagine walking into your conference room and having the most effective meeting all year. You're seamlessly building whiteboards, adding content and pictures and backgrounds. You're saving your great ideas to come back to later and emailing them out to your team members that couldn’t be in your meeting. You're printing a copy and making changes back at your office.

Instead, what usually happens is that you can’t find a dry erase marker that works or you run out of space on the whiteboard and someone has to snap a photo so you can erase it all and continue the discussion. Or worse, the key decision makers are remote and can’t see what you’re talking about and you must try and describe it over the telephone – usually ineffectively.

Mondopad’s endless, interactive whiteboard makes collaboration so much more effective, even with those team members who aren’t in the room! Adding images, backgrounds, notes can expand your ideas and email them anywhere. That’s why it’s Mondopad’s most popular application and why everyone wants to use it.

Watch a recording of this webinar and learn how the Mondopad whiteboard can help your organization make meetings effective, keep teams aligned, and be more creative. Whether you’re a padawan or a Jedi Knight, a scrum master or CFO, the Mondopad whiteboard will improve your collaboration.

Here is what is covered in this webinar:

 - Adding, deleting and viewing innumerable whiteboard pages
 - Creating your own scrum board, brainstorm session or action item list
 - Easily adding your own templates for backgrounds
 - Saving, sharing and printing whiteboard pages
 - Whiteboard collaboration sessions with another Mondopad or PC
 - Sharing whiteboard content with video conferencing devices
 - Using the whiteboard annotation tools in other Mondopad applications

With the InFocus Mondopad interactive whiteboard, you will never need to take a picture of, or write "do not erase" on important meeting notes again. Watch the webinar recording to see how the Mondopad whiteboard can revolutionize your meetings.


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