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Mondopad Helps University Reach More Students | InFocus
Mondopad Helps University Reach More Students

Two great stories from HigherEd TechDecisions and Sound & Video Contractor describe how Mondopad helped Brenau University reach more students with video calling, data sharing and annotation.

Mondopad at Brenau UniversityThe Instructional Technology Support Technician at Brenau University said in the HigherEd TechDecisions article, "having all the teaching tools in one place creates an easier experience for instructors." He also said, “This is our third year [at the university] and we’ve got five batches of installs. When I started, we had 15 [Mondopads] on four campuses, and now we’ve got 61 across eight campuses.”

From the Sound & Video Contractor article: "With Mondopad, a teacher could share and write on a presentation over a video call and teach not only the students in the room, but those in the satellite locations as well."

The articles also discuss the installation process without disrupting classes, including how the Mondopads fit into the university's existing schedules and systems across campuses in Georgia and Florida.

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