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BigTouch 55-inch

Part Number: INF55WIN8
The All-in-one 55-inch Touch PC
Windows 8 combines the fun of a tablet with the productivity of a PC, and the InFocus BigTouch amplifies that beautiful, fast and fluid touch experience for your shared work space.
  • Windows 8.1 Pro experience on a 55-inch 1080p touch display
  • Run all your Windows apps, even the older ones, in touch mode
  • Whiteboard with optional BigNote software (FREE 30-day trial)
  • Highly customizable for your needs and your PC applications
  • Intel Core i5 processor with fast solid state hard drive
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard included
  • Order number: INF55WIN8-KIT
  • Maximize Windows 8 Touch Capabilities

    Windows 8 was built for touch and online connectivity and the 55-inch BigTouch maximizes that experience on a large scale.

    • 5-point touch display with Windows 8 gestures
    • Whiteboard and annotation capability with optional BigNote software
    • Personalize the Start screen with tiles that connect to a person, app, website, folder or whatever else is important to you
    • Familiar Windows desktop you’ve used before
    • Use your apps and arrange them the way you want
    • Multi-task by snapping two apps side-by-side
    • Enhanced features to easily connect to your networks, access files in the cloud, encrypt data, and more
  • The Tablet Experience Magnified

    Tablets are fun. Touch is intuitive. The BigTouch employs a beautiful 55-inch display that allows that enjoyable experience, and your content, to be seen and shared.

    • Brilliant 55-inch full HD (1920 x 1080) display shows off your content with brightness, color and clarity
    • Five-point touch screen delivers exceptionally accurate touches, swipes and gestures
    • Windows 8 gestures such as tap, slide, swipe, pinch, and rotate can be used to get a global view of everything on the screen and slide back and forth to find what you're looking for
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse also included to easily control the display from your seat
  • InFocus BigTouch for Education

    BigTouch in Education

    Higher education and primary and secondary schools (K-12) can benefit from BigTouch in administrative offices or in the classroom.

    Its bright, engaging display keeps students’ attention and Windows 8 is intuitive and familiar for students, staff and IT.

    • In classrooms for giving and preparing lessons
    • Access and display content from the web and the cloud
    • In administrative offices as a shared PC
    • Flexible and secure for IT to manage

    Download the BigTouch K-12 Brochure (PDF)

  • InFocus BigTouch for Medical

    BigTouch in Medical / Healthcare

    The high definition 1080p display and ease of use of BigTouch make it a great fit for hospitals, clinics, labs, and administrative offices.

    • Way finding and digital signage
    • In waiting rooms for education and/or self service
    • For accessing and analyzing information, such as imaging
    • For patient education, such as explaining imaging, video, and other patient care info
    • At nursing stations as a shared PC
  • InFocus BigTouch for Hospitality

    BigTouch in Hospitality

    Hotel lobbies can greatly benefit from BigTouch for way finding and digital signage to help their guests help themselves.

    • Learn about the hotel’s amenities
    • Browse maps of the hotel and of the surrounding area
    • View hotel restaurant menus and make reservations
    • Find fun things to do at the hotel and in the area
  • InFocus Mondopad

    Is Mondopad What You Need?

    BigTouch vs. Mondopad

    Mondopad is revolutionizing how people communicate and work together. Think of Mondopad as a fully integrated BigTouch that includes the Microsoft Office Suite and exclusive Mondopad apps that take collaboration to a whole new level.

    • A camera with microphones and a speaker bar designed for video conferencing are included with Mondopad
    • Mondopad's easy-to-use, business class video conferencing brings people together instantly
    • Use Mondopad for interactive whiteboard sessions and share documents and take notes on them with people in the room or around the world
  • Upgrade BigTouch to Mondopad Functionality

    Mondopad and BigTouch are complementary products that address different requirements and specific applications. Plus, you can upgrade BigTouch to add Mondopad's capabilities.

    Why BigTouch?

    • To showcase Windows applications in a large touch screen
    • Classrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, kiosks, home offices and more
    • Runs all Windows applications including Windows 8 apps and legacy apps
    • Whiteboard and annotate with optional InFocus BigNote software

    Why Mondopad?

    • For businesses that require an integrated collaboration platform
    • Video conferencing, digital whiteboard, viewing and sharing files, annotation, and more
    • Microsoft Office Suite included
    • Also great for running any Windows application on a large touch format
  • Windows 8 Benefits


    Learn more about how Windows 8 is designed to work the way you do and keep you connected.

    • Personalized and fun
    • Rock-solid performance
    • Cloud-connected
    • Flexible
    • Multi-taskable

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Native Aspect Ratio16:9
TechnologyCCFL LCD
Diagonal Size55"
TouchscreenEdge-to-edge quad camera multi-touch system with support for 5 point Windows 8 gestures (PC only, single-point touch only for Mac). Glass protection overlay for LCD surface.
Picture in PictureSBS/4 Quadrant PiP
Refresh Rate60 Hz
SpeakersIntegrated: Stereo 7W x 2
ConnectionsHDMI x 2, USB Type A x 6, VGA, Component, Composite, S-Video, RCA stereo audio x 2, 3.5mm stereo audio in, RS232, USB Type-B for touch screen control, Ethernet x 2
ProcessorIntel Core i5-2520m, QM67 chipset with support for AMT 7.1
Memory4 GB of DDR3
Operating SystemWindows 8.1 Pro
Product Weight122.4lbs. (55.6kg)
Product Dimensions HxWxD32.3 x 53 x 5.5in.
(820 x 1346 x 140mm)
Shipping Weight135lbs. (61.4kg)
Shipping Dimensions HxWxD38.39 x 58.66 x 13.86in.
(975 x 1490 x 352mm)
Product Warranty1 Year

InFocus BigTouch Overview

Watch how the InFocus BigTouch all-in-one touchscreen PC makes Windows 8 come alive.

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