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InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Features and BenefitsInFocus Mondopad 2.0 Features and Benefits

InFocus Mondopad 2.0

Mondopad 2.0 is the biggest leap forward in collaboration features, tools and services InFocus has ever provided.

Whether it’s site-to-site meetings or a quick brainstorm, Mondopad 2.0 makes them easier and more productive.

Plus, qualified Mondopad users can upgrade for free.


InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Annotation and Collaboration Key Advancements and Benefits

  • Share content and faces side by side
  • Expand workspace to a second display
  • Add 4-way videoconferencing with 121 Premium
  • Collaborate with more people and devices
  • Whiteboard with auto-shapes on a continuous canvas
  • Cast your device's screen to Mondopad
  • Manage ConX Video Meetings from the web


Dual Screen and Dual Stream

Connect a second touch display (such as JTouch) to a Mondopad and create a massive interactive space, including the use of two apps at the same time.*

Have more effective meetings when everyone can see each other’s faces and content, at the same time.

* Dual Screen feature requires a Mondopad with an i7-based PC. You can upgrade your legacy i5-based Mondopad with this i7 PC module.

Instant Multi-Party Conferences

Mondopad 2.0 makes it easy to add a third person or fourth person to a two-person video call with the touch of a button. All you need is 121 Premium video calling -- ask your reseller now about special low introductory pricing.

Add more participants (up to 25) if you have a ConX Video Meeting room.


Whiteboard Without Borders

InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Whiteboard

Auto shapes, a continuous canvas, and more new tools make the Mondopad’s whiteboard the best way to brainstorm and capture ideas as they happen.

  • Create a whiteboard on a canvas of up to 100 display screens in size
  • Auto-shape the circles, squares and lines you draw for instant professionalism
  • Paste backgrounds and images onto a whiteboard, or wallpaper the entire canvas
  • Up to five people can draw at the same time


Collaborate with More Devices

Cast your device's screen to Mondopad Mondopad is BYOD-ready with new possibilities for cross-device collaboration.

Cast your device's screen to Mondopad or control Mondopad from your device with new ControlView 2.0 app for Windows, Mac or Chromebook.

People can also video-call your Mondopad from a PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet or smartphone.


More Convenient Video Calling

InFocus Videoconferencing on a MondopadMondopad 2.0 makes it even easier for you to make video calls and have video conferences with InFocus 121 Video Calling and ConX Video Meeting services.

  • Invite, host and control a ConX meeting from a single web interface
  • Make calls and join conferences from any web browser
  • Create your own custom SIP address
  • Leverage your company's domain in your SIP addresses


More Powerful Hardware

InFocus Mondopad SizesAll Mondopad sizes (57-inch, 70-inch and 80-inch) come with powerful hardware to seamlessly power Mondopad’s collaboration features and third-party apps.

  • Intel i7 processor and 8GB RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HDMI video out (INF8022 has DisplayPort out)
  • Wide-angle USB 3.0 camera


Upgrade Considerations

  • Mondopad 2.0 does not yet support Windows 8, 8.1 or 10
  • If you have a Mondopad with an i5-based PC, the following features are not supported
    • Dual screen functionality
    • Chrome-based browser
    • Transparency option in full screen video meeting



InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Collaboration System