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121 Video Calling

Clear, high-quality video calls with SIP or H.323 devices whenever you want
InFocus 121 is a cloud-based video calling service to give you all of the power and functionality of video collaboration with none of the cost and overhead of managing premises-based systems.
  • High-quality video dialtone on demand (always on)
  • Connect one-on-one with most any video conferencing system
  • Easy to use: just dial a phone number or email address
  • Make a free SIP call now at
  • No on-premise infrastructure required -- no H.323 Gatekeepers, SIP Proxies, or Gateways required to buy and manage
  • No capital expenditure; just a yearly subscription fee
  • Place calls from iOS, Android, OSX and Windows devices

Video Collaboration for Everyone - Webinar Recording

Learn the benefits of video collaboration and the multiple solutions that InFocus offers to help people collaborate with PCs, tablets, phones and more to get work done faster and easier.