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InFocus IN5532 Projector

Part Number: IN5532

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Native Aspect Ratio16x10
Lumens (Eco/High)5500/7000
Closed CaptioningYes
Speakers10W (2 x 5W)
Audible Noise (Eco/High, dBA)30 dB/30 dB
Keystone± 30%
LampSP-LAMP-067 & 068
Lamp Hours (Eco/High)2000/2500
ConnectionsVGA, HDMI, USB Type A (PC-less Display), 5 BNC, S-Video, Component, Composite,
Image Offset
Lens Shift: Horz (min/max)10%/10%
Lens Shift: Vert (min/max)-50%/10%
Throw Ratio2.03~1.52
Product Dimensions HxWxD26.4in x 17in x 9.5in (670mm x 432mm x 240mm)
Shipping Weight(lbs/kg)56.1/25.5
Shipping Dimensions HxWxD23.4in x 39in x 13in (594mm x 991mm x 330mm)
Power consumption (Max, Watts)850
Product Warranty2 Years
Lamp Warranty6 Months
Accessory Warranty90 Days
ApprovalsUL and c-UL (US/Canada), FCC (US/Canada), Class A (US), CE (CE member countries), GOST (Russia), CCC & CECP (China), NOM (Mexico), S-Mark (Argentina), KC (Korea), SAFETY Mark (Singapore), C-Tick (Australia, NZ), RoHS

InFocus Product Engineer Demystifies DLP Technology (Part 1)

InFocus Engineer Mike Labare repairs Andrew's (Spitball Media) IN5500 projector, blowing his mind with facts about DLP technology along the way. Part 1 (of 3).


  • Resolved 1280x800 Computer Mode over HDMI being shifted to the left and cut off
  • Resolved Custom Snapshot disabling any HDMI source. Behavior: Cycles from black screen to snapshot instead of displaying HDMI source

  • v1.2.1.1
  • Resolves possible HDMI image freeze / lockup
  • RJ45 / Ethernet Network "SNIC" error response corrected, works with version 2.41 "SNIC"
  • Color and Tint adjustments available for computer inputs (color filter calibration)
  • Resolves possible 720p modes selecting wrong color space
  • Resolves 1080p sync issues on computer sources with incorrect HSYNC sensing
  • Resolves un-blanking state (when blank is selected) when using Mute, Volume, Aspect Ratio and Preset Keys
  • Resolves possible image tearing in some 1080p24 sources
  • Resolves possible HDMI Connectivity problems: Improved HDMI EDID to limit clock rate for long cable runs

  • v1.1.9.5
  • Fixed timer in Dynamic Messaging
  • Priority of Dynamic Messaging over Closed Captioning fixed
  • Priority of Mute over LightPort menu fixed
  • Changed color of Highlighted menu items to make them more readabale in Bright preset
  • Take Snapshot is disabled when in SplitScreen
  • Fixed issue with 1080p24 tearing on some sources

  • v1.1.9.2
  • Improves RGB Gain/Offset controls for HDMI
  • Corrects adjustment values for RGB Gain/Offset when saving User/ISF Presets

  • v1.1.8.8
  • Resolves reset Network settings after Factory reset
  • Factory reset now resets LitePort settings
  • Resolved intermittent Keystone value retention seen at power on
  • Resolves intermittent iris initialization seen on IN5502 & IN5504
  • Changed default preset states for computer and video inputs providing higher brightness levels out of the box configuration. Computer Sources set to Bright and Video Sources set to Presentation
  • Fixed problem with Magnify controls, they are now volatile and will reset to full screen when changing sources
  • Fixes problem with Service Code entry on some remotes as well as resolved erroneous messages
  • Makes saved User, ISF Day, and ISF Night presets available for all inputs (prior version saved only for 1 input)
  • Fixes timeout issue with Overscan message
  • Fixes PIN protection on screen messages
  • Fixes Network reset on turning off DHCP, no longer resets and keeps the served IP address
  • Fixes Web UI issues with Menu Transparency, Digital Zoom, Phase, and Sync Threshold. Ranges did not match the OSD
  • Fixes Color Space issue with some HDMI sources
  • Fixes issue with WUXGA full bandwidth. Force wide now toggles between UXGA and WUXGA if the WUXGA is not reduced blanking format
  • Fixes problem with Closed Caption (Muted) function, now displays closed captioning when muted
  • Numerous Serial RS232 CLI Control improvements and fixes.
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