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Flexible, Powerful Projectors that Are Packed with Value

These projectors are small enough to move from room-to-room but powerful enough to install. From low-cost to feature-rich, InFocus has a projector to meet the needs of your office or classroom.

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Choose the InFocus projector category that's right for you.
  • InFocus IN110A-Series Projector
    IN110a Series
    Affordable projectors with up to 3000 lumens and HDMI for tight budgets.
  • InFocus IN120A-Series Projector
    IN120a Series
    Affordable projectors with up to 3500 lumens, HDMI, internal memory, and wireless USB capability.
  • InFocus IN2120-Series Projector
    IN2120 Series
    Compact, low cost projectors with high brightness, brilliant quality, and network connectivity.
  • InFocus IN2120A-Series Projector
    IN2120a Series
    Network projectors with up to 3500 lumens, HDMI, internal memory, wireless USB capability, and optional interactivity.
  • InFocus IN220-Series Projector
    IN220 Series
    Asia-Pacific region only. Stable and affordable projectors with revolutionary thermal design
  • InFocus IN3120-Series Projector
    IN3120 Series
    High-brightness projectors of up to 4800 lumens with a full range of connectivity, including networking.
  • InFocus IN3130-Series Projector
    IN3130 Series
    4000-lumen projectors with digital connectivity, networking, and full 3D capability.