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Short Throw Projectors

Big Images for Tight Spaces

Get a big image at a short distance from the wall and reduce shadows with a short throw projector or ultra-short throw projector from InFocus. They’re a great match for interactive whiteboards in the classroom, too.

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  • InFocus IN110STa-Series Projector
    IN110STa Series
    Compact and affordable short throw projector at 2700 lumens and HDMI input.
  • InFocus IN120STa-Series Projector
    IN120STa Series
    Compact and affordable short throw projectors at 3300 lumens with internal memory, and wireless USB capability.
  • InFocus IN3920-Series Projector
    IN3920 Series
    Third-generation interactive projector technology with ultra-short throw lens for the classroom or meeting room.