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InFocus 65-inch JTouch touchscreen display for schools

InFocus Reseller Resources

The list of links on the top-left of this page should guide you to the information you need to help sell InFocus products, including:

EasyMoney (Get Your Spifs)
Registration Rewards (Register Your Deal)

If you’re having trouble finding something, drop us a note at marketing@infocus.com.

LightPro Mobile LED Projector

InFocus LightPro IN1146 LED projector is getting rave reviews! The IN1146 is about the size of a paperback book, weighs only 1.8 lbs, beams 1000 lumens, and its LED light source lasts up to 30,000 hours. That means no maintenance...ever.

Check out the IN1146 reviews now >

InFocus IN110X Value Projectors

The IN112x, IN114x, IN116x, and IN119HDx projectors have more brightness than the previous generation, HDMI inputs and two 1080p models to choose from. Plus, they are all available at super-low prices.

See the IN110x Series specs now >

InFocus IN5550 Series Large Venue Projectors

High Performance DLP Projectors

The InFocus IN5550 series of DLP projectors do big beautifully with up to 8300 lumens, six optional lenses, two user-replaceable color wheels, and sophisticated connectivity, including 3G-SDI. EasyMoney SPIFs and Registration Rewards available!

Learn more about the IN5550 Series >


Why Sell InFocus?

Registration Rewards

We reward participating resellers for leading with InFocus products and solutions. Discounts for education opportunities are also available on specified projectors. Register your opportunity online and receive big rewards. Available in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Learn more about Registration Rewards (pdf)

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Champion's Club Bonus Incentives

We turbocharge SPIFs on eligible InFocus products for sales reps that get the job done. InFocus Champions get an extra turbocharged SPIF on top of the standard EasyMoney SPIF. Just sell and claim 10 or more eligible InFocus products in a calendar year and your status will carry over into the next year.

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EasyMoney SPIF Program

Earn cash rewards for selling eligible products.

Learn more about EasyMoney and Champions Club (pdf)

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Public Sector Discounts

Available for government, education, non-profit and worship entities. Contact your InFocus sales rep to get current pricing for these opportunities.

Strategic Accounts Program

The InFocus Strategic Account Program offers more than just amazing prices on projectors and accessories. You gain a stronger competitive position, added account control and exclusive discounted InFocus pricing for large accounts.

Contact your InFocus Sales Manager for more information.

Find your InFocus Sales Manager on this map (PDF)

Demo Purchase Program

Additional discounts are available for Mondopad units to be used for customer demonstrations. Mondopads are limited to one unit per model every 90 days and cannot be resold for 60 days.

Product cannot be sold as new under the demo program. If a dealer attempts to order product through the demo program for any purpose other than keeping it as demo gear, it will be denied.

Contact your InFocus sales rep for pricing and order information.

Product Support & Training

Please visit our product support pages for customer service and sales training on InFocus products.