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InFocus Wireless Projector LineupInFocus Wireless Projector Lineup

InFocus Wireless Projector Lineup

Display your high-quality content from your notebook, tablet or phone with a wireless projector from InFocus. From mobile, office, classroom, or installation projectors, we have your wireless projection needs covered.
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InFocus LiteShow4 Wireless Projection Adapter
BYOD and 1:1

InFocus projectors and wireless accessories are designed to be easy to use and flexible to meet the needs of your office or school BYOD (bring-your-own-device) or one-to-one computing initiatives. PC, Mac, iOS, Android, notebook, tablet or phone – an InFocus projector can display them all with ease.

InFocus Wireless Projector Adapter
USB Wireless Projector Adapter
Combine this tiny USB wireless adapter with the free EZ Display app on your mobile device to do some amazing things with your projector.
- Present Office documents, PDFs, audio, video and more from your mobile device
- Display a live feed of your mobile device's camera
- Annotate on documents you're presenting, and much more

Office and Classroom Wireless Projectors
Simply plug in a tiny optional wireless adapter into any of these projectors to display your content from nearly any device.

Mobile Wireless Projectors
The IN1146 WXGA LED Mobile Projector and a tiny USB wireless adapter is all you need to present (and even annotate on) documents from the road.


Large Venue Wireless Projectors
Connect wirelessly to our IN5140 Series of LCD projectors with the tiny USB wireless dongle. All other large venue projectors can be wireless-ready with the powerful
LiteShow 4.