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Transform the way your company communicates.

ConX Cloud makes HD video collaboration available on virtually any device, anywhere. There’s no need to standardize on a single video conferencing platform and no need to upgrade legacy conferencing hardware or personal devices to enable others to participate in a meeting.

ConX Cloud is an easy, scalable, cost-effective solution that works on all of the devices and services your organization and other partners are already using.

Meet With Anyone, Anytime

Join a call on virtually any device, including smartphones and tablets, any PC or Mac, ConX devices such as the InFocus Mondopad and ConX video phone, or any other SIP or H.323 endpoints, including those from Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, and more.

People + Data

ConX Cloud offers dual stream video and data feeds, so that you can view and interact with people, presentations, data, and other content at the same time. And because it’s cloud-based, anyone on the video conference can edit, change, create, share, save and send real-time.

Critical Interoperability

ConX Cloud offers SIP, H.323, and Skype for Business interoperability, providing the freedom to connect with people both inside and outside of your organization, on any device or video conferencing service.

Cloud Meeting Control

To run your video meeting like a pro, manage your meetings from the Host ConX web portal. Change the video layout, mute or unmute participants, add new participants, and more.

Affordable packages

with no extra charges for advanced features

ConX 3


1 Room
3 Seats
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Part number:
1 Year: INS-CONX03Y1

ConX 10

Small Teams

1 Room
10 Seats
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Part number:
1 Year: INS-CONX10Y1

ConX 50

Large Teams

1 Room
50 Seats
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Part numbers:
1 Year: INS-CONX50Y1
2 Years: INS-CONX50Y2
3 Years: INS-CONX50Y3

ConX 50 Corporate

Mid-Size Business

10 Rooms
50 Seats
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Part numbers:
1 Year: INS-CONX50x10Y1
2 Years: INS-CONX50x10Y2
3 Years: INS-CONX50x10Y3

ConX 50 Corporate+

Large Scale Business

100 Rooms
50 Seats
Contact Sales
Part numbers:
1 Year: INS-CONX50x100Y1
2 Years: INS-CONX50x100Y2
3 Years: INS-CONX50x100Y3

Every plan includes:

  • SIP based Video Conferencing
  • H.323 Interoperability
  • Skype for Business Interoperability
  • Audio (PSTN) Dial-in Support
  • Free Mobile App (iOS, Android)
  • Free Desktop App (Windows/Mac)
  • Free Outlook Plugin for Windows
  • Free Web Client (Firefox and Chrome)
  • Free Meeting Manager
  • Free Email & Phone Technical Support

All of our video meeting packages are fully featured so they’ll work for anyone, in any of the ways that your business operates. Connect with your InFocus reseller and select a package of multiple video rooms to allow everyone in your organization to conduct business face to face at a moment’s notice.



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