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The ability to see everything that’s important at once is invaluable. Jupiter technologies display all your data sources and video-conferencing feeds together on a single wall.

Visualize Hero A

Catalyst XL

More 4K IP and direct inputs, more memory, and more power - for the most demanding enterprise video wall installations.

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PixelNet 2.0 (hero image)


A revolutionary and powerful new way to capture, distribute, control, and display video and audio sources, both direct and over IP, for audiovisual applications.

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In Focus Jupiter Catalyst 4 K Video Wall

Catalyst 4K

Create the world's highest resolution video wall with 4K resolution on every display with the most powerful display wall processor in its class.

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Share video, data, applications, and more with colleagues anywhere, on any device, for end-to-end collaboration.

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Canvas CRS-4K

The Canvas CRS-4K system is a small, quiet box that can be located anywhere in the room. What it enables is enormous.

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InFocus Jupiter Control 1000 Hero


These pre-configured stand-alone display wall processors for the Canvas collaborative visualization platform are ideal for smaller installations.

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Jupiter StreamPoint HD Encoder


Easily stream video and audio data from any remote location on an IP network in brilliant 4K or HD.

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Bo M Jupiter Meeting Room 1

Fusion Catalyst 4500

This family of display wall processors can be configured to support almost any application or design specification.

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