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InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Features and Benefits

InFocus Mondopad 2.0

Mondopad 2.0 is the biggest leap forward in collaboration features, tools and services InFocus has ever provided.

Whether it’s site-to-site meetings or a quick brainstorm, Mondopad 2.0 makes them easier and more productive.

Plus, qualified Mondopad users can upgrade for free.


InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Annotation and Collaboration Key Advancements and Benefits

  • Share content and faces side by side
  • Expand workspace to a second display
  • Add 4-way videoconferencing with 121 Premium
  • Collaborate with more people and devices
  • Whiteboard with auto-shapes on a continuous canvas
  • Cast your device's screen to Mondopad
  • Manage ConX Video Meetings from the web


Dual Screen and Dual Stream

Connect a second touch display (such as JTouch) to a Mondopad and create a massive interactive space, including the use of two apps at the same time.*

Have more effective meetings when everyone can see each other’s faces and content, at the same time.

* Dual Screen feature requires a Mondopad with an i7-based PC. You can upgrade your legacy i5-based Mondopad with this i7 PC module.

Instant Multi-Party Conferences

Mondopad 2.0 makes it easy to add a third person or fourth person to a two-person video call with the touch of a button. All you need is 121 Premium video calling -- ask your reseller now about special low introductory pricing.

Add more participants (up to 25) if you have a ConX Video Meeting room.


Whiteboard Without Borders

InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Whiteboard

Auto shapes, a continuous canvas, and more new tools make the Mondopad’s whiteboard the best way to brainstorm and capture ideas as they happen.

  • Create a whiteboard on a canvas of up to 100 display screens in size
  • Auto-shape the circles, squares and lines you draw for instant professionalism
  • Paste backgrounds and images onto a whiteboard, or wallpaper the entire canvas
  • Up to five people can draw at the same time


Collaborate with More Devices

Cast your device's screen to Mondopad Mondopad is BYOD-ready with new possibilities for cross-device collaboration.

Cast your device's screen to Mondopad or control Mondopad from your device with new ControlView 2.0 app for Windows, Mac or Chromebook.

People can also video-call your Mondopad from a PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet or smartphone.


More Convenient Video Calling

InFocus Videoconferencing on a Mondopad Mondopad 2.0 makes it even easier for you to make video calls and have video conferences with InFocus 121 Video Calling and ConX Video Meeting services.

  • Invite, host and control a ConX meeting from a single web interface
  • Make calls and join conferences from any web browser
  • Create your own custom SIP address
  • Leverage your company's domain in your SIP addresses


More Powerful Hardware

InFocus Mondopad Sizes All Mondopad sizes (57-inch, 70-inch and 80-inch) come with powerful hardware to seamlessly power Mondopad’s collaboration features and third-party apps.

  • Intel i7 processor and 8GB RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HDMI video out (INF8022 has DisplayPort out)
  • Wide-angle USB 3.0 camera


Upgrade Considerations

  • Mondopad 2.0 does not yet support Windows 8, 8.1 or 10
  • If you have a Mondopad with an i5-based PC, the following features are not supported
    • Dual screen functionality
    • Chrome-based browser
    • Transparency option in full screen video meeting



InFocus Mondopad 2.0 Collaboration System