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Ultra Short Throw Wall Mount

Part #: PRJ-WALLKIT-13
Mount your IN134UST or IN136UST ultra short throw projector to the wall to eliminate shadows that interrupt presentations and deter theft.

Key Features

  • Custom designed by Chief for confident throw ratio/compatibility with IN130UST projectors
  • Mount to concrete, wood stud or steel stud (single- or dual-stud) wall covered with drywall
  • Includes white wall cover for a clean look
  • Integrated cable management system conceals cables
  • Independent roll/pitch/yaw adjustments
  • Integrated lateral shift (2.25") and vertical shift (0.75")
  • Projector extension: 13.5 to 24.5 inches


Ultra Short Throw Wall Mount
Shipping Weight 15 lbs / 6.8 kg
Extension 13.5 - 24.5 inches
Lateral Shift 2.25""},{"col1":"Maximum Weight Supported (lb)", "col2":"25"},{"col1":"Pitch", "col2":"+/-20°"},{"col1":"Roll", "col2":"+/-3°"},{"col1":"Shipping Depth (in.)", "col2":"11.5"},{"col1":"Shipping Height (in.)", "col2":"5.25"},{"col1":"Shipping Width (in.)", "col2":"27"},{"col1":"Vertical Shift", "col2":"0.75"
Yaw +/-4°