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SIP Endpoint Registration Service

Look around large corporations, and you are likely to see people using an increasingly diverse mixture of VOIP, room conferencing, telepresence, and desktop video conferencing solutions to communicate and collaborate. However, these varied elements do not always mesh together well. Watch a user with desktop video conferencing try to reach a colleague, figure out which system they are active on, and connect to their room system or VOIP through a series of tedious steps. C3 Call Control offers a better way to communicate.

Key Features

A SIP server and software-based gateway SIP architecture

In software terms, the C3 Call Control solution is a SIP Registrar and Proxy, with URI dialing for Find Me, Follow Me calling. It integrates SIP to H.323 support with a software-based gateway (the embedded functionality of the C3 Connect solution) that enables users to place calls directly into videoconferencing rooms and telepresence systems, and vice versa. It includes an alias directory for inbound call routing and is web-based, for remote configuration, monitoring, and management. Finally, the C3 Call Control solution delivers the extreme scalability that allows large global organizations to easily expand the capability as their needs grow.

Automatically locates, signals, and establishes the call

C3 Call Control is a software component that our technology partners can use to make it easy for the users of their applications to reach any person in the organization, regardless of their communication mode. C3 Call Control makes voice or video contact as simple as using e-mail. It automatically locates the recipient, signals and establishes the call. This component makes video calls simple and quick to initiate, so callers need not worry where the person they’re calling is located, or how to connect to their available communication device.

C3 Call Control is also bundled within the Standalone Pro and higher editions of all C3 endpoints including the C3 Communicator, C3 Media Engine, and C3 Unified solutions.

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C3-CALL-CONTROL Current Datasheet (Last Updated on November2, 2018)
InFocus C3 Call Control Datasheet InFocus C3 Call Control Datasheet