InFocus C3 Conference

On-Premise Video Conferencing

The C3 Conference solution is a software-only MCU that our partners can integrate and white-label to quickly and easily add cost-effective, flexible multiparty video conferencing to their applications. End users will enjoy the ability to quickly establish multiparty video calls with a single click. Multi-party video conferencing makes the global hallway conversation easy and simple.

Key Features

The C3 Conference solution delivers significant business communication enhancements to applications, making it easier and more cost-effective to deploy multi-party, business-class videoconferencing. The C3 Conference solution is an industrial-strength, software-only MCU (multi-point control unit). It delivers:

  • Simple, accessible multi-party conferencing
  • Deployment flexibility with right-sized buying
  • Designed to be operated within any infrastructure and supports integration into other communication solutions
  • Can be fully virtualized using industry proven virtual servers from Citrix and VMware

C3 Conference powers multi-party video conferences within your application from the desktop, conference room, mobile solution or the road. By providing an MCU capability through software, running on your standard based servers, you eliminate the need for any proprietary hardware appliance in your solution.

Leverage proven technology

C3 Conference is a straight forward, fast, and reliable solution for OEMs that want to leverage a proven multi-point video conferencing to open up new lines of business with multi-party unified communications. Your customers will be able to replace a major portion of their business travel with face-to-face video communications that keep relationships strong within workgroups and across global companies.

Scalable and economical

The C3 Conference solution is fully scalable to accommodate the number of ports that your customers need, via a centralized or decentralized configuration. At the same time, it lowers the cost of multi-party video conferencing. Unlike hardware-based MCU appliances in the market that lock customers into paying for pre-set port configurations, the C3 Conference solution lets the OEM and customer purchase just the number of ports they need, and then grow into additional ports as the need arises. Because it’s standards-based, C3 Conference utilizes a customer’s existing technology investment, with no new hardware, further helping to lower total cost.

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Standards-based, high quality video conferencing

The C3 Conference solution gives OEMs the ability to offer multi-party conference capability that end users can activate with a single click. Seamlessly delivered via a standards-based Window server, the C3 Conference solution allows for multiple combinations of up to 12 ports of simultaneous conferencing per server. Quality is assured through full transcoding and transrating, which provide the best possible media experience for all users down the hall, across the country or elsewhere in the world.



C3-CONFERENCE Current Datasheet (Last Updated on November2, 2018)
InFocus C3 Conference Datasheet InFocus C3 Conference Datasheet