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ConX Exec

Video Conferencing & Data Visualization for Your Office

Critical Communications and Decision-Making

Making the right decisions for your organization requires accurate information and real-time access to your key employees and partners. With ConX Exec there’s now an easy, instantaneous way to view and interact with all of your most important information sources, from the comfort of your executive suite or conference room. ConX Exec facilitates the large scale visualization of people, data, and ideas, making multiple streams of information intelligible and actionable, on a customizable video wall. Full 1-Year Warranty (Parts & Labor) included.

Multi-Stream Cloud Collaboration

By combining multi-party HD video calling with multi-platform data sharing, ConX Exec brings together essential people and information, allowing you to make informed decisions and accomplish more, faster. ConX Exec is powered by ConX Cloud, a universal platform, cloud-based video conferencing service.

Video meeting participants can join a call from anywhere in the world, on any device—including smartphones and tablets, any PC or Mac, other ConX devices such as the InFocus Mondopad and ConX Video Phone, or any other SIP or H.323 endpoint, including Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, and more. Only ConX brings your organization’s people and information together in one place, providing the freedom and flexibility for everyone to virtually attend a meeting and actively share content.

  • Display and interact with video conferencing participants and visual datasources simultaneously
  • Conduct business-grade video calls with multiple participants from all types of SIP, H.323, or Skype for Business endpoints, including Mondopads, ConX Phones, PCs, or systems from Polycom, Cisco, and more
  • Join a conference from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices with a free, full-featured desktop or mobile app
  • Full Mondopad integration for dynamic interaction with live, user-created data
  • Supports 20-seat conferencing bridge and 8 hard video inputs

Configure Your Meetings in Real-Time

ConX Exec offers dynamic control of the multi-panel presentation and layout. Use the ConX Exec Unified Control Panel, a touch-based web app, to easily select and arrange all of the content required in your meeting. Change the layout of your video call or data feeds from equal size windows to a mix of large and small windows, or change your viewable inputs on the fly.

  • Use the ConX Wall control app on a tablet to call participants, change layouts, control PTZ cameras, and more
  • Integrates with room automation solutions

Enhanced Content Sharing

Present & share information from wired & mobile devices.

  • Wirelessly cast content from Apple, Windows, Android, and Chrome devices
  • Display dedicated video data sources, such as television feeds, from multiple HDMI sources
  • Compatible with Mondopad to display, share, and annotate on presentations or other content



ConX Exec Current Datasheet (Last Updated on June28, 2018)
InFocus ConX Exec Datasheet InFocus ConX Exec Datasheet
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