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Easily Manage and Control InFocus Displays
Part #: DisplayView

DisplayView device management software offers a simple and efficient way to monitor and control InFocus panels and projectors across your organization.

With DisplayView, you can detect devices and turn them on, monitor device up-time and usage across your network, and power off all of your devices from one central location. Save money and resources by automating your device management tasks with DisplayView.

Key Features

  • Save money by managing power settings and usage from one location
  • Auto-discover devices connected to local network
  • Organize your devices in groups (each device can be in multiple groups)
  • Schedule multiple automated tasks by group
  • Receive messages if devices are disconnected from the network
  • Devices without network management can be converted using a network adapter, sold separately.


Hardware Requirements InFocus display device (projector or touch panel) with LAN port supporting Network Management. Units without Network Management will need a Network-to-RS232 adapter (INA-TCP232, sold separately) to connect to the RS.232 port.
Software Requirements Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 with Admin Access
Disk Space Minimum 100MD
Memory Minimum 2Ghz
Processor i5 or better
Network Requirements Network Interface Card and access to TCP/IP Network, Port Unrestricted (8234)



DisplayView Current Datasheet (Last Updated on December18, 2018)
DisplayView Datasheet Key features, specifications & requirements
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