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1 Year Extended Warranty for IN1XXX, IN2XXX, IN3XXX Projectors

Extended Product Warranty
Part #: EPW-PJM1

The EPW-PJM1 warranty extends the projector warranty by 12 months for the IN1100, IN2100, IN3100 and home theater series of projectors.

Available on the following projectors:

Key Features

    • IN1110a, IN1112
    • IN1116, IN1116LC, IN1118HD, IN1118HDLC
    • IN1142, IN1146
    • IN2124a, IN2126a, IN2128HDa
    • IN2124x, IN2126x, IN2128HDx
    • IN3134a, IN3136a, IN3138HDa
    • IN8606HD
    • Exchange warranty
    • Includes parts and labor
    • 2-year extended warranty also available