ConX Outlook Add-in

Free Outlook Add-in for ConX Video Meetings

The ConX Outlook Add-in assists users in scheduling and starting a meeting in Microsoft Outlook quickly - just add your name, meeting room number, and security PIN. For scheduling a new ConX meeting or adding a ConX room to an existing meeting, the add-in will prepopulate the meeting invite with your ConX room information. Starting an instant meeting will open the 121 application if it is already installed.

Key Features

  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook
  • Adds ConX meeting instructions customized for your ConX room
  • Available for the Windows versions of Outlook from Office2013 and Office2016
  • Free to download



IN-CONXOUTLK Current Datasheet (Last Updated on November2, 2018)
ConX Outlook Add-in 1.0 ConX Outlook Add-in 1.0
User Guides
ConX Microsoft Outlook Add-in Windows User Guide Windows User Guide