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LightCast Key (Europe)

LightCast Wireless Adapter Key
Part #: INA-LCKEY2

Plug this USB drive into your LightCast-ready device to enable its LightCast features, such as wireless screen sharing, interactive whiteboard and web browser.

Key Features

  • For a LightCast-ready display or projector only (including INF4030, INF6502 Series, INF6505 Series, INF7002 Series, IN1116, IN1118HD, IN2120x Series, and IN5148HD)
  • USB key cannot be used with multiple LightCast-ready displays (one key per display)
  • Cast your device's screen wirelessly to the display via MiraCast (on most Windows and Android devices) or Airplay (Apple devices)
  • Turn on the display's web browser capabilities and enhance its built-in whiteboard capabilities
  • Virtual keyboard uses US keyboard layout

INA-LCKEY2 is for Europe and parts of Asia-Pacific.

Customers in the Americas, order INA-LCKEY1
Customers in Asia-Pacific, contact InFocus Support to determine the correct key for your country.


LightCast Key (Europe)
Shipping Weight 0.8 lbs / 0.3 kg
Shipping Depth (in.) 3.15
Shipping Height (in.) 1
Shipping Width (in.) 5.5



INA-LCKEY2 Current Datasheet (Last Updated on July12, 2018)
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