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InFocus FileViewer App for Android

PC-less presenting

Present almost any kind of office documents or images and videos directly. No PC required. Can read files easily from any USB thumb drive or internal storage. Bring the files you create or download from your PC and easily show them off on the large touch screen. Display common office files like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, as well as most photo and video file formats

Key Features

  • Easily present documents and files from USB thumb drive
  • Supports Powerpoint, Excel, Word, PDF, and other file formats
  • No PC required or installation of expensive software

Works with models:

  • INF5533e
  • INF6533e / INF6533
  • INF7533e / INF7533
  • INF8633e / INF8633
  • INF7530eAG / INF7530AG
  • INF8630eAG / INF8630AG

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