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InFocus Whiteboard App for Android

Turn your Android device into an interactive whiteboard

Draw, write, and capture notes on a multi-screen canvas, with room for free-form drawings, diagrams, and more. Multiple people can write or draw at the same time with a complete collection of drawing tools.Save your files to internal storage, a USB thumb drive, or email to anyone.

“I frequently teach from the JTouch whiteboard. The students get a chance to pop up and do a problem, too. They beg to go up to show off their skills. The learning is very engaging and I am seeing a greater mastery in our multiplication unit.” -- 4th Grade Teacher and JTouch Whiteboard User

Key Features

  • Multiple Page Canvas
  • Drawing Tools: Pen, Highlighter, Shapes, Colors
  • Fully dynamic content with select, copy, cut, and paste
  • Save files in editable format or JPEG for easy sharing
  • Enter an email account, and you can directly share images easily to anyone

Works with models:

  • INF5533e
  • INF6533e / INF6533
  • INF7533e / INF7533
  • INF8633e / INF8633
  • INF7530eAG / INF7530AG
  • INF8630eAG / INF8630AG

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