Oktopus Software

Interactive presentation and collaboration software for education

EMEA & APAC only. If you are in the Americas, INS-OKT3YR is the version for you.

Oktopus interactive presentation and collaboration software - view live lessons, respond, share, take notes, and annotate over any content, using any tablet or laptop. Oktopus is ideal for schools seeking familiar solutions compatible with Smart, Promethean, or other education software.

Key Features

  • Annotate over any application or web browser
  • Share and collaborate over documents
  • Present in any learning environment
  • Import Smart or Promethean
  • Online pre-built lessons
  • 70+ built-in tools, covering mathematics, literacy, geography, science, and more (not available in the UK/Ireland)
  • Create LAN-based curriculum
  • Works with Windows & Mac
  • Qwizdom Notes+ app available for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Single user (teacher) license



User Guides
Oktopus Quick Start Guide Oktopus Quick Start Guide