Oktopus Blend Software

Interactive presentation and collaboration software for education
Part #: INS-QBLEND1T40-1Y

Oktopus Blend software enhances the base Oktopus application available as part of the Qwizdom bundle to include premium features. Oktopus Blend also extends the software licensing to include one teacher and up to 40 students or devices. Oktopus Blend is included in the Qwizdom Bundle for the first year and then must be purchased yearly as an annual license subscription.

Key Features

  • Over 1,000 pre-defined math, reading, and science lessons (US only)
  • One year of licensing for teacher, plus up to 40 students
  • Online reporting
  • Homework assignment tools
  • Class lesson organization
  • Live participation in class
  • Student self-paced learning from home
  • Available for purchase alone to extend licensing for each incremental year of subscription



INS-QBLEND1T40-1Y Current Datasheet (Last Updated on June28, 2018)
User Guides
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