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SimpleShare Wireless Presentation Solutions

SimpleShare is the easiest, most direct way to share videos, presentations, documents, data, and more - with no software to install and nothing to manage on your network.

A true cable replacement, SimpleShare offers easy, instant wireless presentation with the single click of a button. Delivering excellent performance at an affordable cost, SimpleShare is the perfect solution for wireless connectivity in the conference room or classroom.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

SimpleShare is a point to point wireless presentation solution, which makes it incredibly easy to implement—no software downloads, no network management, and no IT burden. SimpleShare eliminates the hassle of cables and works without any configuration or installation, so that anyone can connect and share content wirelessly to any display with an HDMI input, in a matter of seconds.

Information Security

The SimpleShare platform is designed to service a radius of 15m from the receiver. In order to prevent access from unauthorized users, SimpleShare utilizes WPA2, the most secure encryption method developed by the Wi-Fi alliance. The AES-CCMP algorithm used is a cipher key encryption with variable key size. The cipher is automatically changed at varying intervals, which prevents information leakage or hacking.

Simple Share Service Radius Diagram

High Performance Video

Transmit high quality HD video and sound in real time, without wireless AP. The SimpleShare platform supports full 1080p video at 60 frames per second, offering an exceptional video experience with minimal latency.



Key Features of the INA-SIMS1 include:

  • Plug & play—no software installation
  • Easily switch presenters with the click of a button
  • Transmit high quality HD video and sound in real time
  • Works with any HDMI input, PC, Mac, DVD player, or other devices
InFocus SimpleShare (INA-SIMS1)

SimpleShare Presentation System

Key Features of the INA-SIMPS1 include all of the above plus:

  • Complete conference room solution with 3 transmitters and a charging station
  • Supports up to 254 presenters
InFocus SimpleShare Presentation System (components)

SimpleShare Touch Presentation System

Key Features of the INA-SIMINT1 include all of the above plus:

  • Supports up to 3 presenters with wireless touch control from the display panel
  • Annotate on anything you’re presenting from your source device
  • Draw and write on a built-in digital whiteboard
  • Includes 3 touch transmitters plus charging station
InFocus SimpleShare Touch Presentation System (components)

Additional or replacement components:



InFocus SimpleShare Datasheet Features, benefits, and specifications of the SimpleShare Presentation systems
InFocus SimpleShare Datasheet InFocus SimpleShare Datasheet
InFocus SimpleShare Datasheet InFocus SimpleShare Datasheet
User Guides
SimpleShare Touch User Guide User manual for models INA-SIMINT1 and INA-SIMRINT1
SimpleShare User Guide User manual for models INA-SIMS1, INA-SIMPS1, INA-SIMRC1, and INA-SIMTM1
SimpleShare Charging Station User Guide User manual for model INA-SIMCH1