TechStationTechStation (with HDMI sticks)

TechStation is a secure compartment built into your InFocus projector that allows you to embed the HDMI device of your choice and create a customized solution for presenting and streaming.

With an HDMI port and multiple ways to connect your devices, the TechStation superpowers your projector and enables more effective presentations by working seamlessly with the tools you already use. After connecting your device, close up the TechStation’s lid to create a streamlined, all-in-one solution for streaming audio and video in classrooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces.

Three Simple Steps:

TechStation Connections

1. Connect USB power to device of choice

2. Connect device to HDMI input

3. Close the lid and start streaming

Clean Design Plus Device Security

In Focus In134 St Panel Live 1500Px S Rgb
No cables, no dust

The unique design of TechStation projectors ensures a streamlined appearance that keeps dongles and devices out of sight. Once you insert your HDMI device and replace the lid on the top of the projector, the device can be stored safely inside for seamless streaming of multimedia content whenever you need it.

Theft Defense/Security

Designed to keep your device safe with a tight, securable lid that screws open and closed. Ceiling-mountable so your projector stays closed up tight and out of reach.

TechStation Projectors work with these Devices:

In Focus In130 Series Accs 1500Px S Rgb

  • Google ChromeCast
  • ChromeCast Ultra
  • Intel Computer Stick
  • Asus Chromebit
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Android TV Stick
  • InFocus SimpleShare
  • Raspberry Pi
  • and many more HDMI-supported devices

In Focus In134 St In136 St In138 Hdst 6
InFocus Projectors with TechStation Platform