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InFocus Training: Casting to LiteShow 4 from an iOS or Android Device

InFocus Training Services brings you a tutorial about casting content from your iOS device (such as an iPad) or an Android device to a display or projector connected to an InFocus LiteShow 4 wireless presentation adapter.

This video covers how to:
  • Find and download the Mirror Op Presenter app on to your tablet
  • Connect LiteShow 4 to your display device
  • Connect your tablet to LiteShow 4
  • Send content from your tablet to your display (that is connected to LiteShow 4)
  • Use the QuadView function of LiteShow 4
  • Annotate on your shared content
  • Connect to and display files from your Cloud service, such as Dropbox

Look for other videos from InFocus Training Services on how to do all the above from a Mac or do the above from a Windows computer.

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