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InFocus BigNote Whiteboard and Annotation Software Overview

InFocus BigNote is software not only for whiteboarding, but also for annotation. In fact, it lets you annotate over anything and everything on your computer. This video will show you how to use the primary features of this powerful software.

See how to use the whiteboard function of BigNote to take notes, share ideas, and draw on a huge canvas in a multitude of colors. If your touch display supports multiple points of touch, BigNote will support it too -- allowing multiple people to draw at the same time.

You also see how you can import images, backgrounds and other media into your whiteboard, including how to resize or reshape them and draw on top of them.

Learn how to use the Glass mode of BigNote to annotate over anything and everything that is happening on your Windows computer. It essentially enables an ink layer above your Windows desktop. This video shows how to annotate over a document being presented via Google Drive and Google Slides, save it and share it via email without changing applications.

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