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Fusion Catalyst from Jupiter by InFocus

Fusion Catalyst is the most advanced, most powerful display wall processor available, delivering more high resolution video at full frame rates than competitive products.

The Fusion Catalyst family of display wall processors ushers in a new era of performance and flexibility for collaborative visualization applications. Employing cutting edge, second generation PCI Express technology, Fusion Catalyst processors offer up to an astonishing 192 Gbps of bandwidth. That's enough bandwidth to carry multiple ultra-high resolution video signals at a full 60 frames per second, drive ultra-high resolution monitors at a full 32 bits per pixel, and support virtually any configuration requirement.

Remember to bring your applications, because Fusion Catalyst is not just a display wall processor, it's also a PC with Intel CPUs and Windows OS. Run mission-critical apps, access data through the network, engage the information, and collaborate on a wall-sized desktop.

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